We're proud to offer a tremendous selection of the finest local brews found anywhere, including lagers and ales, pilsners and porters, stouts and hefeweizens, and bocks and ciders. Not to mention FRESH LOCAL CASKS!

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11:30 am - 11 pm


11:30 am -12 am


11:30 am -11 pm

We are accepting reservations for New Year's Dinner.

 Reservations  are between 6-7 and the restaurant is closed at 10pm.  

It will be a 4 course Table d'hote style menu with choices for each course.

The dinner will be $50 excluding drinks, taxes, and gratuity.

We will post the full menu early next week.

​Call for Reservations 

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We will be closed the following days.  

Dec  24,25,26th

       Dec 31st          

    New Year's Dinner

By Reservation Only

Jan 1   Closed